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about the hungry typewriter

The Hungry Typewriter is a machine. It eats nouns and verbs for breakfast (usually with coffee, an egg, and a side of bacon). Powered by unnamed muses and greased by upcoming deadlines, it tip-taps and clickety-clacks its way through social snippets, blurbs, epic essays, and corporate content. It also enjoys the occasional limerick, but usually with a side salad. 

Ok, not really. It basically just hangs out in the office and keeps an eye on how many brownies Kacey eats while she works. 

(It's a lot). 

I, on the other hand, am pretty human. My name is Kacey, and I am a copywriter, although there are few things that will actually say that. I call myself a 'corporate ghostwriter', even though I'm far less elusive. I live between the lines, as they say; or they would, if I wasn't cloaked in non-disclosure agreements. 

My work has corporate bylines in industries that range from manufacturing to medical to food to home and garden. I'm a cornfed nerd who believes that the world and the people in it are pretty fascinating, and that bodes well for interviews, technical material, and pretty much everything else. I do my best to slip into the client voice as seamlessly as if it were their own. And that's entirely the point.

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Call them articles, pages, news, whatever--a blog post is still one of the best ways to keep your website breathing. There are many ways to approach the content, but their purpose remains the same; blogs establish authority, trust, personality, reputation, and prowess. 

Web Content

In a world where pictures speak 1,000 words, the words you do say should mean something to the people who read them. Good web content informs. Great web content informs with a purpose, sweeping and empowering the reader along a specific journey.



white papers

Another name for "supremely informative downloads that are worth every piece of personal information you trade for them," white papers are your way of diving deeper with your fans, clients, and advocates. They come in the form of infographs, checklists, or 8,000-word essays on a particular topic that your company is well-versed in. They provide just enough information to show you are really good at what you do, and can be trusted in the next phase of your customer partnership. 


If you are questioning whether or not social media is a viable marketing strategy, you are doing it wrong. Social has value not only in marketing, but also in maintaining customer relationships, recruiting top candidates, improving employee engagement, and connecting your company to a world that is much bigger than itself.

Social media is a powerful force that is informing and shaping the world.  The question becomes: what kind of voice will yours be and how well are you being heard?



newsletters & Press Releases

If you are tired of boilerplate press releases and newsletters that fall as flat as the papers they are written on, you are in the right place. Just like content doesn't need to be newsworthy to be sensational, it also doesn't need to be written in the passive tense to be taken seriously. It's your press. Release it. 

Digital Recruitment

Your top candidates are online, and your company should be, too. Digital recruitment is so much more than job boards; it's about taking your corporate culture online, engaging your current employees, and showing a different side of your brand. Because you don't want just any candidate, you want the ones who can speak your language and make your collective voice louder.



GHOST WRITING / corporate voice acting / copywriting without ego

Everybody has a story to tell, but not everyone is great at telling it. That's ok. That's why there are writers who help you channel your thoughts, words, and corporate voice into something you can't wait to share with the world. These specific writers fly under the radar, creating a corporate content package that integrates seamlessly with your other campaigns.

They do it without by-line, credit, or self-promotion. They do it for the satisfaction of a job well done and to get immersed in new information, challenged with new styles, and surrounded by different mindsets. They also do it to get paid. All good things.

Luckily, summoning a ghost writer is easier than you think. (Pssst.)

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have laptop. will travel.

The great thing about being a copywriter is that my office goes where I do. Contacting me is easy; pinning me down, not so much. 

Email: kacey@hungrytypewriter
Phone: 703-967-6179